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HVAC Installation

An HVAC installation can be a serious investment for a homeowner. Hamel’s understands it takes an investment of your energy, money, and time. We’re here to help guide you through the process and ensure your system works properly. The first step of any HVAC installation is researching the systems and products you need. Then, our Comfort Consultant will design your system for your family and home’s needs.

HVAC Installation Preparation

 Some homeowners wonder why an HVAC installation needs professional installation. However, if a warranty is essential to you, most major HVAC brands void them when not installed by a professional. Most warranties contracts are also revoked if you buy a system online. If you follow this link, you can read more about HVAC warranty protection. This is why HVAC installation should always get completed by a professional.

There are many brands of heating and cooling systems on the market. Our professionals will assist you in determining which plan is best for you. Your heating and cooling needs will decide which solution is best for your home. Our knowledgeable HVAC installation experts will help you make a better decision. This decision should make financial sense for your family and provide home comfort. Talk with our professionals today!

Google Reviews
Alecia Erpelding
Alecia Erpelding
19:47 28 Oct 21
They had 3 gentlemen at my house working, all of them were polite and well mannered through the whole job. When they were done they worked together... to clean up, 1 swept my entry way, another vacumed not only the area they were working in but also the top portion of my stairs, while the other one did the final check to make sure all was done and clean better than when they started. Well done Hamel AC, we will definitely recommend you to more
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams
22:19 14 Sep 21
Always amazing service and very courteous. Had them replace all ducting and install air purifier. Which was amazing and were on time. Had an issue... today and called them, they were here in 20 min. Amazing service!!read more
Liza Loresco
Liza Loresco
22:34 27 Aug 21
This is the 3rd year that Hamel's performed AC maintenance. The last 2x, it was with Luke (owner). This year, Luke's new technician, Anthony... performed the inspections. Anthony called to let me know when he would be coming. Like Luke, Anthony was very polite and professional. He replaced the AC filter, and after he completed the inspections, he showed me the photos he took, and explained them to me. Today, my AC passed inspections, although it is an old system, 15yrs old, I'm hoping it will last me another summer. But for now, thank you Anthony at Hamel's!read more
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez
18:46 24 Aug 21
Professional service.
Todd Scheideman
Todd Scheideman
01:26 05 Aug 21
What we liked best was their professionalism. They kept us up to date as to what to expect. They told us what was going to happen and when. My wife... was quite impressed in how they kept cleaning up after themselves and left our place clean. Of course we are now enjoying the benefits of the new air more
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New Furnace Installation

Choosing the right size furnace for your home is essential. However, this is more difficult than reading some chart you saw online. Our HVAC installers are experts and can make your decision easy. We’ll help you determine which unit is best for your home. As a YORK certified installation company you can rest assured we have the training and knowledge to get your job done right!

New Split System Installation

The most common system on the market is the split system often referred to as central air conditioning. A split system has its cooling parts installed inside your home. The systems heating parts are installed outside of your home. The condenser and compressor are what’s installed outdoors.

A cabinet inside the house is where the evaporator coil’s placed. Often the air handler is part of the furnace. This handler pushes warm or cool air into your home through the ductwork. If you have a split system using matching components will improve its efficiency. Our experts will determine if a split system is right for you. You can learn more about these systems in our San Diego Homeowners Guide to Central Air where we discuss them in greater detail.

HVAC Installation of york furnace in san diego

New Package Unit Installation

A package unit is a self-contained heating/cooling unit placed outside the home. Packaged units have the blower, coil, and condenser built into one unit. These units can be used on a rooftop or ground-mounted. For optimal efficiency, the unit must be level. This will allow your HVAC system to operate efficiently. Our team can guide you through the selection process if a package unit is suitable for you.

New Mini-split Installation

Just like a split system, a mini-split uses an outdoor compressor/condenser. These are linked to the air-handling unit and do not need ductwork.

The mini-split system uses indoor units that are small and versatile. Zone cooling is a significant benefit as well as convenient system expansion. Another considerable advantage is many units can be connected to one outdoor unit. Our professional HVAC installers can design zones for your home. If this is a solution for your needs, we will discuss your options. You can learn more about your options in our homeowners guide to ductless mini-splits here


New Heat Pump Installation

Installation of a heat pump system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is called an air handler. The outdoor unit is referred to as a heat pump. These systems use the outside air to heat a home in winter and cool it in summer. Heat pumps can be a great option in San Diego. If this is an option for your home, our team will review this as an option.

Zoned Systems Installation

Should you consider A zoned HVAC installation to heat or cool individual areas of your home? These systems work by controlling zone valves or zone dampers. These operate inside the vents or ductwork of your home. They block the flow of air to areas where it is not needed. Zoned systems can save you energy by only cooling or heating certain areas when you need them. Mini-split systems can offer this same type of solution. If a zoned system is what you need, Hamel’s techs will make the proper recommendation for your needs.

HVAC Installation of Carrier Furnace

18 Month 0% Interest Financing Available O.A.C

Installation of Environmental Systems

Environmental HVAC systems also need professional installation. These systems can be as important as the rest of your approach, depending on your location. These systems can include humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. They will improve the air quality of your home depending on where you live. These systems, when installed, address humidity and contaminant problems indoors. If needed, our Comfort Consultant will discuss them in detail and explain why it is required.

Thermostats are essential for any home HVAC installation. A thermostat’s job is to communicate with your heating and air conditioning systems. Thermostats provide the information your system will need for consistent operation. Our knowledgeable professionals will help guide your thermostat selection process.

Hamel’s can add humidifiers and dehumidifiers if you live in a very dry or humid climate. If you do, these upgrades should be on your shortlist. About 50 percent humidity is optimal for humans and can increase your comfort levels.

These systems can adjust and control the humidity levels in a home as you heat or cool. When these systems are built into your system, they work when your system is running. This means you cannot control the humidity levels if the system is not operating. Adding these systems separately can often be a viable solution. Please follow this link to Learn What Homeowners In San Diego Should Know About Air Purification.

Sizing A HVAC System Installation 

HVAC installation is never a once size fits all solution. However, proper system sizing will allow your system to run optimally and save you money. There are charts online which can help, but these should be taken with a grain of salt. This is because no diagram can take into account any challenges your home may face.

Our consultants will ensure your system’s size matches your home’s design. This will consider your family’s needs, home insulation, type of build, and layout. We’ll also take your family’s needs into account. For example, do you have a newborn baby? Are there elderly in your home? Is your pet’s comfort important to you? Diverse family types can cause different requirements, and the homes system must be sized to them.

  • Your home square footage
  • Window placement, design, and quantity
  • Do you have Heat generating appliances
  • Your homes Insulation levels
  • The condition of your ductwork and its design

Our service techs will make recommendations while keeping your budget in mind. We will ensure you get the system your family needs.

new trane air conditioner HVAC installation for central air system
trane s8x2 furnace installation

HVAC Retrofit Options


What if I told you that you don’t need to replace that heating or cooling system? We will consult with you about these options as they present themselves. Often it can make more sense to make some changes to a system. Many of these possibilities are inexpensive and can save you money. Retrofits are not always an option, but systems like Mini-splits give homeowners options. Their flexibility creates a new opportunity that may not have always been an option. You can learn more in our homeowners guide to mini-splits here

Other options can include adding a vent damper that closes off air loss. This air can escape up a chimney when the boiler or furnace is not running. Another improvement is an intermittent ignition device. This device can turn off pilot lights in older systems saving you money. Sometimes retrofit options are needed to derate or downsize a system. In these instances, we may be able to reduce the size of the gas burner. For example, in an oil-fired system, the orifice or nozzle might need to be reduced. Other solutions may be baffles in a gas-fired system.

If these are options for your home, our team will help you explore these money-saving options.

Installation of Single or Multi-Stage Systems

Single-stage heating and cooling are popular in hot and humid areas. The same is true for colder winter climates. This is because the systems are set to provide comfort for the coldest or warmest times of the year. Unfortunately, this means that these systems are often operating at total capacity when they don’t need to be. That’s where a multistage system comes in handy and can save you energy and money. Unfortunately, in the San Diego area, these single-stage systems are rarely justified.

Other options include getting a single-stage system with a variable fan. This will allow variable speeds to create a variable airflow. However, this variation can be limited, and you may not experience much of a difference. This is due to the unit is still working at total capacity.

Multistage systems are typically more energy-efficient than single-stage systems. Running at total capacity will get the house to temp faster but will use more energy. A gradual increase in temperature will often reduce energy consumption saving you money.

HVAC installation of goodman air conditioning in la mesa Ca
York Furnace installation in la Mesa Ca by Hamels air conditioning and heating inc

Installation Process

Once we have a plan in place, we’ll begin by removing your old components. Next, we’ll install the new system and secure the unit to its foundation. Next, we will verify all the new HVAC system connections. If your system is gas, our team will do a safety inspection to verify gas leaks are not present. Our installation will follow all manufacturer and industry standards. This will assure your warranty is protected.

Next, we will test the system and airflow and ensure it is functioning correctly. We’ll ensure our work will is done quickly and efficiently. We always take special care to respect your privacy and home. We will keep our work area clean and tidy and avoid any safety concerns. If questions arise, our employees will be able to answer your concerns.

Hamel’s is here for your questions about any upcoming installations you may have. If you would like a FREE second opinion, we can do that too. So give us a call today and discover why Hamel’s has the right team for your HVAC installation.

Warm Your Home

Don't suffer in the cold. We will have your heating installed quickly and efficiently. Our heating techs are licensed professionals.

Heater Repair

Our knowledgeable team can troubleshoot, repair, maintain, any type of home heat system and ensure your family's safety.

Cool Your Home

Don't sweat out the summer, we specialize in high-quality air conditioning installation that improves comfort and air quality.

AC Repair

Professional AC repair of climate control systems that ensure your system is ready to cool your home on demand.

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