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The Benefits of Quality HVAC Installation

Discover the benefits of quality hvac installation in san diego

Why You Need Quality HVAC Installation In San Diego

If you have recently decided to invest in a new San Diego HVAC system, it’s wise to research what is best for your home. When you do, you’ll learn all the benefits a new system can bring your home. These benefits include improved energy efficiency and an increase in indoor comfort. 

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not realize that a quality AC installation is essential in realizing the benefits of a new system. You can buy the best system on the market, but it will only perform to the quality of the installation. Many San Diego homeowners say that all HVAC installations are the same. This thought could not be further from the truth. Hiring a local professional who is an experienced, certified technician is vital. A quality HVAC system installation will allow your new system to function as expected. The following are the benefits your home will experience with a quality HVAC system installation.

Get the Efficiency You Desire

The United States Department of Energy says heating and cooling is the home’s largest energy consumption source. Due to the enormous impact on your utility bills, it’s easy to understand the benefits that come with a new HVAC system. However, please remember that an improperly installed system will not offer you the expected rated efficiency. In addition, other issues will likely persist when not installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, including total failure. 

When a heating or AC system does not perform properly, the system’s efficiency levels will also diminish. As a result, the unit will consume more energy to achieve the desired temperature, causing higher energy bills. For example, improper HVAC system installation can reduce the unit’s efficiency by 25%. This poor efficiency means that your investment in purchasing a higher efficiency system will not return the energy savings you expect.

San Diego HVAc quality affects efficiency

Increase Your San Diego Homes Comfort Level

 A poor-quality installation can also lead to diminished comfort control in your San Diego home. When a system gets installed improperly, it can have difficulty achieving the desired temperature. You may even see it has trouble maintaining even temperatures throughout your home. As a result, your home’s interior may be too hot or too cold when you need it the most. You expect comfort with a heating system installation, but a poor installation can ruin your expectations.


Increase the Lifetime of Your HVAC System

 An improper installation can diminish efficiency, cause safety issues, and reduce comfort levels, and more. It may also cause the system to wear or fail prematurely. For example, improper heating and air conditioning installations cause your HVAC system to work harder, adding unneeded stress to its components. This stress increases the likelihood of breakdowns and failure. In addition, a properly installed HVAC system typically lasts between 15 and 25+ years.  Some improperly installed systems last less than 10 and a few can have catastrophic failures in as short as 5 years. As a homeowner, you rely on this longer timeframe to recoup the costs of your system. Therefore, lousy installation practices will cost you more money if you have to replace the equipment sooner.


Prepare Your San Diego Home For HVAC Estimate & Installation 

As the homeowner, you can take a few steps to help prepare your home for HVAC Estimate or installation. First, provide clear access to the areas your advisor or installer will need to do his work—the garage, attic, or closet. If your system requires an outdoor unit, remove any items and vegetation. Providing your technician with enough room for assessment installation will go a long way in ensuring proper installation. Second, ask your Advisor or installer if they will or have pulled the necessary permits for the project. If you take on this responsibility, make sure to get them before the date of installation. These steps can help ensure the installation is completed on time and within budget.


Free HVAC Estimates in San DIegoA New HVAC System is an Investment in Peace of Mind

Buying a new HVAC system is a significant investment meant to provide your home with increased comfort well into the future. This investment is why hiring a company you can trust to install a quality HVAC system is essential. Remember, you spend every day in your home, and everything depends on how well it suits your needs. An improper installation can trickle down to every aspect of your life. For example, for a good night’s sleep, you may depend on the comfort your system provides. This one simple thing can affect your life, family and work every day.

Few companies in San Diego have 55+ years of family experience to help eliminate these issues for your home. Our professionally trained installation techs are experts at Hamel’s Air Conditioning & Heating. We are proud to offer exceptional customer service and quality unmatched in the HVAC industry. As a result, we guarantee all of our products and services, ensuring you are satisfied. You can rest easy knowing that the best HVAC contractor in San Diego takes care of your installation.


Please call us at (619)456-1488 to schedule a free estimate or system installation today. 


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