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San Diego AC Tune Up

Experience Comfort with San Diego Best AC Tune-Up Services

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in San Diego, regular AC tune-ups are a non-negotiable necessity. However, in San Diego’s unpredictable weather, you need a reliable partner to ensure your air conditioning system is always in top shape. At Hamel’s, we offer thorough and efficient AC tune-up services to help you avoid unexpected breakdowns, high energy costs, and compromised air quality.

The Hamel’s Promise: Help to Solve Your AC Problems Before They Arise

Our comprehensive San Diego AC Tune-Up service revolves around preemptive care and problem-solving. We’re not just about fixing the issues; our goal is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. While unforeseen issues can happen at any time, most breakdowns are preventable or can be caught before they happen with proper maintenance.

Google Reviews
Richard Hammett
Richard Hammett
20:12 25 May 24
14:13 24 May 24
This company, it's people are absolutely amazing humans. They care and are so compassionate. They are by far the only company I'd ever want to use.... They are simply the best. Their attention to detail and, the time they spend to do things correctly is fantastic. I highly recommend more
Bev Wagner
Bev Wagner
00:40 24 May 24
Everyone I have spoken to and met at this Company has been fantastic. They are professional, have a great work ethic and cleared up better than... before the mini split was installed. Very highly more
Lindsey Boney
Lindsey Boney
04:45 23 May 24
Great experience overall. Josh was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely continue to use Hamels and recommend to others!
Rio Ahmel
Rio Ahmel
15:03 17 May 24
Great job, quick service. No worry about over charging. Great follow up. Don’t bother w the big companies with all their overhead. This is a move,... well run local family operation that I’ve known of since I was a kid. Luke branched off from his dad who branched off from his grandfather. Tight ship! His grandfather Master Chief Leo Hamel would be proud as his father more
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Our San Diego Tune-up Service Tackles common AC problems


  1. High Energy Bills: An inefficient AC system can lead to escalated energy costs. Our tune-up process includes a detailed inspection and adjustments to ensure optimal operation, reducing energy consumption and saving you money in the long run.
  2. Frequent Breakdowns: Neglected AC units are prone to frequent breakdowns, causing discomfort and incurring repair costs. We help reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns through regular maintenance, spotting potential issues early, and fixing them promptly.
  3. Uneven Cooling: If some rooms in your home are colder than others, your AC system may require a tune-up. When we arrive, let our technician know about these issues. Our technicians will check the system’s performance and adjust for consistent cooling throughout your home. Some uneven cooling problems can not be fixed with simple maintenance. Our technician will offer solutions to resolve these issues quickly in these situations.
  4. Poor Indoor Air Quality: A poorly maintained AC unit can circulate dust and allergens, affecting indoor air quality. Our tune-up service includes cleaning the AC components to ensure healthier and cleaner air in your home. Please remember that systems that have been neglected for years may require additional cleaning beyond the scope of regular maintenance services.
  5. Regular Filter Replacement: A simple yet crucial step in maintaining an efficient AC system is regular filter replacement. The filter catches dust and pollutants, allowing clean air to circulate in your home. Over time, a clogged filter restricts airflow, causing your AC to work harder and consume more energy. Our AC tune-up service includes replacement of a standard 1″ filter. We recommend changing your filter every 1-3 months depending on your household conditions, such as use, presence of pets or individuals with allergies.
  6. Warranty Requirements: Manufacturer warranties often require regular AC and heating maintenance. Keep your system running smoothly and ensure your warranty stays valid with our comprehensive tune-up service. To learn more about this please read our blog on how Manufacturer warranties require AC & heating maintenance.
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The Hamel’s Membership

AC Maintenance Made Simple and Affordable

For homeowners looking for a continual care solution for their AC systems, our Hamel’s Membership Plans offer a convenient and affordable solution. 

  • Central Air Systems Membership: At approximately $89 per system per season, our team will provide cooling maintenance in the spring and heating maintenance in the fall.
  • Mini Splits Membership: For just about $78 per system per season, you can get cooling maintenance in spring and heating maintenance in the fall. Please note that multiple indoor units may incur additional charges. Please request a membership contract to be sent your direction for pricing on multiple head unit systems.



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A Wealth of Benefits at Your Fingertips

Being a member doesn’t just mean scheduled maintenance; it also means enjoying a host of added benefits that add value to your investment. We look at these benefits as a way to award our customers who care for their systems. For example, the more systems we maintain each spring quickly translates into fewer calls during a heatwave. Since maintenance customers make these stressful times easier for us, we’re proud to provide them with the following.

  • Get one professional maintenance inspection and cleaning of your heating and A/C equipment. ($129 Value).
  • Enjoy 20% off all repairs and parts, potentially saving you anywhere between $60-$1K+ per repair.
  • Benefit from priority dispatching, ensuring you get prompt service when you need it.
  • Receive two free-of-charge diagnostic services. ($158 Value).
  • After your two free diagnostics, you only pay a discounted fee of $59.99. And if a repair is needed, the diagnostic is on us! ($20 Value)
  • Earn an annual credit equal to your prior membership payments of up to $3000, which can be used towards complete system change-outs with ductwork.

Please contact our team for specific details of your plan and leverage these benefits to their fullest.

When you partner with Hamel’s for your San Diego Air Conditioning Tune-Up, you choose a hassle-free, affordable, and trustworthy solution for your AC needs. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your tune-up service.



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What Makes Our San Diego AC Tune-Up Services Stand Out?

At Hamel’s, our San Diego AC Tune-Up services go beyond standard maintenance; we believe in delivering a comprehensive service that ensures the longevity of your AC system, superior indoor air quality, and enhanced energy efficiency. Our customer-centric approach, backed by our technical expertise, sets us apart in San Diego County.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique AC Needs

Every home and AC unit is unique, with varying demands. We understand this well. Hence, our team provides tailored solutions to meet your family’s AC needs. Whether you have a central air system or mini splits, we ensure our services align with your unique requirements, promoting the optimal performance of your system year-round.

Proactive Maintenance for Prolonged Efficiency

Our San Diego AC Tune-Up is not just about identifying and solving issues; it’s about taking proactive steps to prevent potential problems, saving you from unexpected costs and discomfort. With our meticulous inspection, cleaning, and maintenance process, we extend the life of your AC system, keep it running at peak efficiency, and minimize the likelihood of sudden breakdowns.

Your Comfort is Our Top Priority

Ensuring your comfort is at the core of everything we do at Hamel’s. Our San Diego AC Tune-Up services aim to provide you with a hassle-free, comfortable indoor environment regardless of the weather outside. From timely maintenance checks to offering affordable membership plans, we work tirelessly to make sure your home stays cool and comfortable all year round.

Get in Touch Today

We invite you to experience the Hamel difference. Contact us to learn more about our San Diego AC Tune-Up services or to schedule an appointment. Our team of professionals is ready to assist with all your AC maintenance needs, ensuring you enjoy a cooler and more comfortable home in San Diego all summer.

Your peace of mind is just a call away—Trust Hamel’s for efficient, reliable, and affordable San Diego Air Conditioning Tune-Up services. We look forward to serving you soon so please use the “Text us” button in the bottom right for immediate service.

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