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The Benefits of Mini-Splits
San Diego Homeowners Need To Know

The Benefits Of Mini-Splits

Homeowners today have lots of options for heating and cooling but they are not all ideal! A Mini-split heat pump can transform the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Let’s dive into this efficient heating & air conditioning option. We’ll learn how it can offer home comfort in ways no other systems can.
Ductless heating and air conditioning is a great way to maintain comfort in your home. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside a Mini-split is up to the challenge. If you want cool temperatures during the summer and warm during the winter this system is for you.
  • What are ductless mini-split air conditioners and heaters?
  • How does a mini-split system work?
  • How do they differ from typical central air HVAC units?
Let’s dive in and discover what Mini-splits benefits homeowners can enjoy.

What Are Mini Split Systems?

Many San Diego Ca homes are often built with central air conditioning systems. These systems are sometimes referred to as a split system. The name comes from how the system is separated into two parts.

A condenser/compressor is installed outside the home and runs to an indoor air handler. The handler is in turn ran to a thermostat that can adjust the indoor temperature. These units use copper tubes that allow refrigerant to move between the coils. Air moves inside the home by supply and return ducts that connect to the handler. Conditioned air circulates to each room by the supply ducts.

Many San Diego homes have no existing ductwork and this can present a challenge for homeowners. If you don’t want to cut through walls and floors to install new ducts your options become limited. Others may shy away from this option due to the cost involved. Ductless technology is a solution to these problems. Ductless AC & Heating systems circulate the air through the unit without this issue.

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How Do Mini Split Systems Work?

Ductless mini-split systems, work in a simple efficient way. Air’s Pulled from the room by the air handling unit. This is the unit you see within your home. This air is moved to the outdoor condenser by pipes where it contacts a series of coils. These coils contain coolant which will soon cool the air. The hot air comes into contact with the coils and transfers its energy to them. This turns the coolant into a gas from a liquid state. This gas then moves to the compressor at the condenser unit. Here it’s recycled and turned back into a liquid. The cooled air is then sent to the air handler, where it is pushed back into the room. With repeated cycles, the temperature of the room falls.
Indoor mini-split systems are more flexible than many other solutions on the market. These ductless systems can be installed in virtually any room due to their design. Since no ductwork needs to be installed, these systems solve many installation issues. Independent control of each unit adds other benefits too. A great example is when installed in a shared office, each unit can be controlled on its own.
Are you worried about how complex this sounds? Don’t be, a ductless air conditioner and heating system are much like operating a TV. Most Mini-splits come with remote control for easy adjustments in any room.
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Why Would A Person Buy A Mini Split?

Mini-splits come with lots of benefits. Here are some examples.

Mini Split Fast To Install

Ducted system installation in your home can be a major undertaking. It can disrupt your normal activities and living arrangements. Ducting is installed along the walls and in crawl spaces. This allows the system to connect to the various parts of a home. This can take days or even weeks to complete depending on how complex the project is. Poor planning and unskilled workers can prolong this even further. This is why using experienced installers will often save you money in the long run.
Ductless heating systems can often be installed in a day. These HVAC systems can also be done on a room-by-room basis. Installing mini-split units can end the need for costly room rebuilds or repairs. Due to the nature of the system and the small holes needed they have little impact on your home.
Ductless Mini-split Heat pump blows ice cold air on homeowner in san diego after Mini split Repair


Mini Split Systems Can Help Homeowners Go Green

Regular heating and cooling systems can be inefficient. The ducts used to transfer air are always at risk of leakage. When temperatures rise outside the home, warm air will seep into the room. This forces the air conditioner to work harder to maintain the correct temperature. When the temperature outside cools, this air can get in through the ductwork as well. This results in the system using more energy to heat the home.
Most of the ductwork of a home is usually located in unconditioned spaces as well. These spaces are often attics, basements, or crawl spaces. The ductwork comes into direct contact with these external elements. These are cold temperatures in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer. This causes the HVAC system to work extra hard to heat or cool the living space. This is because it must overcome these external forces before your home will see any benefit. Ductless units end this problem with ductwork altogether. This allows your HVAC system to run more efficiently. In turn, you save money on your energy costs and have a more comfortable home. It is also better for the environment which is something we all can enjoy.
Heating and cooling costs are the largest contributors to home energy bills. This should make having an energy-efficient HVAC system a priority for any homeowner. Ductless Mini-Splits, tend to be more energy-efficient than regular HVAC systems which can make them a wise investment. A ductless mini-split system SEER rating can range from 16 SEER to 40 SEER. Conventional air conditioner SEER rating ranges from 11 SEER to 25 SEER. This creates savings on electrical costs of 50% or more.
Mini-split systems use an inverter to control the speed of the compressor motor. Traditionally, only high-end air conditioners use this technology. This puts these units outside of the price range many homeowners are willing to pay. Inverter technology increases efficiency when compared to traditional air conditioners. This extends the life of the units and their parts as well. These inverters cut out load fluctuations removing strains on the units. In turn, the AC units run quieter, with fewer breakdowns helping to reduce the cost of ac repairs. It also lowers operating costs making it more efficient.
A conventional air conditioning system can still lose 20% to 35% of its efficiency due to leakage. Once again this often happens in the ductwork. This makes ductless mini-split systems superior when looked at from this point.

indoor mini-split services of indoor air quality

Mini Split Systems Improve Air Quality

In the past heating and cooling systems could produce uneven results. This was because the temperature was maintained at the thermostat. When a system design was not optimal this effect was far worse. Mini-split systems produce a better result for each room and improve home air quality as a whole.
Homeowners who needed to clean their systems often got overwhelmed by this task. It was a major undertaking and often in hard-to-reach locations of the home. Having the system in a convenient location helps homeowners solve this issue.
With older systems, pollution was another concern. Contamination was possible as the system moved air from outside your home. This could blow in bacteria, pollen, vehicle exhausts, and allergens. Once contaminants enter a home they may remain even after being cleaned.
Mini-split units use a premium filter cartridge that is convenient for homeowners. These filters can be washed & replaced all while requiring far less maintenance. Multi-stage filtration systems help to cut more of the contamination. In most instances, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and exhaust are not let in from these systems. This improves the internal air quality of your home.
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Mini Split Systems Offer More Flexibility

Mini Split systems offer homeowners more flexibility. Traditional HVAC systems heat and cool an entire home.
Is this the best solution for your home?
How can you heat or cool only the room you want?
If you are cooking you will probably want to cool the kitchen but not worry about your bedroom area. You may have an infant whose room needs its own set climate. Mini-split systems are the perfect solution for these needs. Mini-split systems solve this problem on a room-by-room basis. Being installed independently allows homeowners to adjust the temperature to their needs. Targeted heating and cooling is finally possible in a home with a ductless system.
Mini-splits are flexible as they can be installed in more places than HVAC systems. Ideal uses of these systems include condos, apartments, homes, garages, and offices. You can even replace a ducted system and leave the old ductwork if you choose. While I would never recommend this there are times where it may not be cost-effective to remove it.

Hamel's Quality HVAC vs Most Affordable HVACMini Split Systems Cost Less

Many Homeowners are looking for ways to cut their energy consumption. Doing so is good for the bank account and the planet. The largest energy consumption in most homes is heating and cooling. An efficient HVAC system will help keep these costs from getting out of control.
Mini-split systems can save you money on your energy bills. Ductless HVAC systems use far less power than their traditional solutions. Being smaller than forced-air systems there is less heat loss via conduction. Traditional systems transport air at a great distance which again reduces heat loss. With a mini-split, the exchanger transfers air from the condenser into the room. This key benefit maximizes efficiency and comfort for your home.
Targeted heating and cooling allow ductless systems costs to be far less to operate. Targeting specific rooms in a building can create temperature control areas. This maximizes comfort and efficiency by eliminating areas that do not need to be cooled. If you spend the majority of your day in your living room, there is no need to cool the entire home. These efficient systems deliver targeted heating and cooling where you need it. This allows you to cut out those areas where you don’t. In places like San Diego with mild temperatures, Mini-splits are great options for efficient heating.
Being so efficient these systems often qualify for tax credits and rebates. There are programs across the city and state which you may qualify for. If you do you’ll be in for even larger savings.
Ductless mini splits offer exceptional comfort value and flexibility in san diego

Who Would Benefit Most From A Ductless System? 

Rooms With Heating Or Cooling Issues

Do you have a room that has forever been a challenge to heat or cool? If so, Mini Splits may be the solution you have been searching for. Different areas of a home can often present unique heating and cooling issues. Is your living room cut-off from the main body of the home? Maybe you have a warm room at the end of a duct run? If so a Mini Split may be for you. Situations like these are a perfect example of how the flexibility of a mini-split can save the day.

 Homes With No Ductwork

Many older homes have no ductwork making a traditional system a challenge. Installing a traditional HVAC unit and routing the ductwork could cost a fortune. It is situations like this where homeowners can gain the most from adding a ductless system.

People In Your Home With Different Needs

 Often people sharing the same home have different temperature needs. As I mentioned above Newborns are a great example of this. The elderly are too as they often want much warmer temperatures than younger people do. It comes down to preference and these can change from day to day. A person coming home after going for a walk will want a cooler temperature than someone who stayed home to read. Mini-split systems allow people to adjust their rooms to suit their comfort level. Gone are the days where one person’s choice affects everyone who lives there.

Downsize Into Comfort

 Let’s face it no one enjoys moving to a new home. People often feel like doing it because of the costs inherent in running a large home. This can be especially true once the kids have grown up and moved out of the home. Mini-splits can help you stay where you are by shrinking the footprint of where you cool. Just because you have a large home doesn’t mean you must cool it all. With the main cost in a large home being its heating, a ductless system is a potential solution.
With a regular ducted system to stop heating or cooling a room, you must shut the HVAC grills. Closing grills can create a host of issues from uneven pressure to mold growth. This mold can blow into all your rooms when the system is restarted. Mini-split systems sidestep this issue by targeting specific rooms.

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Homes With A New Renovation

Does the expansion of your home have you looking for a new HVAC solution? If so, you may want to consider a new Mini Split system. If your home is on central air you can start to enjoy the zoning benefits of these systems in your addition. Ductless systems are an ideal solution often glanced over in these instances. Additions can overwork your existing HVAC system. This can often create the need for you to upgrade your entire system. Ductless systems give you a heating and cooling solution that’s sized for your space. The best part? Now you can zone cool your addition if you choose.
In conclusion, Mini-splits have many advantages over traditional HVAC systems. They provide benefits for a range of people and homes. If you are considering a new HVAC system, a new Mini-split system should be on your shortlist. If you need guidance or advice please call us today. As a San Diego Daikin Dealer we can help you answer any question you may have about any brand of mini splits.
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