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Why Does a Furnace Need a Tune-up?

HVAC Tune up by our San Diego furnace technicians

Furnace Tune-ups & Maintenance in San Diego

Cooler weather is on the way in San Diego and the last thing you need is to be repairing your furnace in the cold. Here at Hamel’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we know the importance of preventative furnace maintenance. So today, we’ll touch on why you shouldn’t skip out on a Fall furnace tune-up.

A Furnace Needs Airflow

Your furnace needs airflow to work as it was designed. An annual tune-up of your furnace includes changing the air filters to ensure it has optimal airflow. If the airflow gets restricted, it can place unnecessary strain on your furnace. This restriction causes it to work harder, need more repairs, and potentially have a shorter life span. Changing the filters also improves the air quality of your home. While all this is important not maintaining your furnace can also have a negative effect on your air conditioning depending on how much it is used.

Improve Heating Efficiency

If you see increases in your energy bill, your furnace may be the reason. During your home’s annual Fall furnace tune-up, Hamel’s technicians will go through a heating inspection checklist and ensure your equipment is running at its best performance.

York gas furnace with precise temperature control and lower system cost when tuned up and maintainedFurnace Tune-up Helps Keep Your Family Safe

Your furnace produces heat by burning fuel such as propane or natural gas. To maintain the efficiency and safety of the unit, the burning of the gases must be in an optimal range. Therefore, when we perform a tune-up, our technician will inspect each component of your furnace. This inspection will ensure the performance and safety of your unit. In addition, our tune-ups will help ensure your home and family are safe from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning that can be deadly.

Heater Maintenance Reduces The Chance of Emergency Repairs

As a smart car owner, you take it in for maintenance and oil changes to avoid costly breakdowns. So why would you not maintain your furnace the same way? The last thing anyone wants is a cold home and a broken furnace in the middle of February. Waiting in the cold for a maintenance specialist to come out is never a fun experience. Annual HVAC tune-ups on your air conditioning and Furnace will help prevent those inconvenient breakdowns.

Protect the Manufacturer Warranty

If your heater is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, getting an annual furnace tune-up is essential. Most manufacturers stipulate that their warranty becomes void if the heater is not regularly maintained. A furnace tune-up can satisfy that requirement and keep your warranty intact.

Schedule A Fall Furnace Tune-up Today in San Diego

Annual Fall maintenance is recommended if you want your equipment to last longer, perform better, and keep your home safe. To schedule yearly furnace maintenance for your San Diego home today, call the experts at Hamel’s Air Conditioning & Heating today at (619) 456-1488

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