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York Furnace Review

York furnace review by Hamels Air Conditioning and Heating.

York has been dedicated to providing high-quality products for more than 140 years. With a wide range of energy-efficient premium models, York heating products are dependable and built with quality in mind. There are three product lines of York furnaces and each offers varying degrees of energy efficiency and quality.

The York Affinity Line

  • consists of two modulating furnaces.

The York Latitude series

  • consists of two single-stage furnaces.

The York LX series

  • consists of several single-stage and two-stage, modulating gas furnaces.

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York Furnace Benefits

York is one of the largest companies and supplies some of the best quality furnaces in the world. Their innovative designs and advanced technology make their products one a consumer can buy with confidence so let’s learn why.

York Furnace Features Include:

York Energy Star Rated Furnace:

Most furnace models from York are Energy Star certified. York products are environmental-friendly and offer a reduced cost to operate. Reductions can be up to 38% more when compared to older models. If your furnace repairs are starting to add up York should be on your shortlist of energy-efficient options.

York’s Modulating Burner Designed Furnaces

York’s modulating burner allows users to adjust the level of heat to their requirements. These increments, provide the perfect temperature for your home and easily help to match your comfort level year round.

ClimaTrak Technology

York products are designed with the help of ClimaTrak technology. This feature operates the blower according to your needs. This customizable feature keeps the temperature of your home perfect. It also eliminates the need to continually adjust the temperatures inside your home.


York Warranty

York furnaces come with a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty, A Lifetime heat exchanger warranty, and a limited 1-year labor warranty, that instills confidence in the products they make.

York offers some of the best warranties in the HVAC industry. Choose any York model and you can be assured your investment is protected.

York Affinity Series Warranty:

  • A one-year limited warranty on labor.
  • A 10-year limited warranty on components.
  • A limited lifetime warranty on its heat exchanger.

York Latitude Series Warranty:

  • Provides a 10-year limited warranty on components.
  • A limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

York LX Series Warranty:

  • A heat exchanger that is backed by a 20-year limited warranty.
  • Components that have a 10-year limited warranty.
  • A one-year limited warranty on labor.
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Who Is York?

York is A leading HVAC company in the furnace and AC industry. Its headquarters is in York, PA, and has facilities in Oklahoma and Kansas.

York products are not only used in local office buildings, banks and malls and department stores, but are also installed in numerous famous buildings. Some of these buildings include the Empire State Building and even national security systems like the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet and the U.S. Capitol rely on York HVAC. A range of York products are Energy Star qualified, and they offer comfort reliability and efficiency for years to come.

York was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2006. Johnson Controls is a leader in quality manufacturing. This alliance has resulted in a highly efficient product line that carries a number of other benefits as well. York furnace products are made and assembled in North America.

York’s Awards

Here you can find a list of all their current awards.

York vs the Competition?

Guardian Furnace vs York

Guardian furnaces are residential furnaces that are available in 95.5% and 80% AFUE models. Guardian is basically an entry-level York furnace that is manufactured by the same parent company Johnson controls.

York’s premium models come with an AFUE rating of 98%, while their entry-level models come with a high AFUE rating of 95% and 80% respectively.

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lennox furnace

York vs. Lennox Furnace

Lennox furnaces are durable and energy-efficient but have some drawbacks.  For example, as I have discussed in “Are York Products Any Good?” the Lennox warranty is handled through a third party.

Their furnaces are designed with components exclusive to their product lines. These components are not found in other brands which can make it hard to find parts when needed.

Lennox furnaces are more expensive than competing brands.

Consumers often complain about their customer service.

Their repair fees are often higher when compared to other brands.

Now I want to be clear, these are just drawbacks of lennox but overall they make a great product.

York furnaces, on the other hand, produce units that are energy-efficient, reliable and have parts readily available.  York furnaces are built to fit all budgets. York’s extended warranty gives the customers peace of mind and is run in house.

Trane vs York Furnace

Trane furnaces are best for commercial space and tend to be a bit expensive. Their central units are available in single and multistage configurations with an AFUE rating of above 90%. Again parts and supplies can be an issue but their products are quality built as well.

York furnaces are designed with a variable-speed blower and operate quiet. Heat adjustments in these furnaces can be changed in small increments. This allows them to meet your desired level precisely. York furnaces are Energy Star rated, thus providing Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of up to 98%.

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People Also Ask about York

Before investing in a quality furnace, it is vital to do thorough research. This ensures the best product according to your climate and needs. In addition to the above review, the answers to the following questions will tell you more about York products and how they can suit your needs.

Who Makes York Furnaces?

York furnaces are made by York International Corporation. Most companies or customers will refer to the brand as simply York. The company builds top-quality light commercial and residential furnaces, central air conditioning, heat pumps, and more.

York’s parent company Johnson Controls Inc. is a global manufacturer of mechanical equipment.

How Much Is A York Furnace?

York furnaces are available at a range of different prices. This allows York to fit into almost any budget. A furnace from the Latitude series will fit lower budgets and smaller homes, or you can invest in a premium Affinity model for $ 2,050+.

York furnaces have low maintenance costs that makes these quality furnaces a good option.

Is A York Furnace Any Good?

York furnaces are among the most energy-efficient models available in today’s markets with up to 98% AFUE. This helps homeowners to save on energy costs year over year. Most York units are designed with a variable-speed blower that ensures quiet operation. York modulating furnaces increase the heat level in small continuous increments, thus meeting your family’s comfort level precisely. 

How Long Do York Furnaces Last?

The average lifespan of a York furnace is around 15 – 20 years respectively when maintained properly. It is vital to schedule yearly furnace maintenance to ensure its smooth operation and long life from your furnace investment.

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How To Know When Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced?

A consumer should look for signs that indicate that it is time to replace their furnace. These include frequent repairs, increasing energy bills, the older age of the system, uneven heating through your home, and humidity problems. Your furnace may also develop noises, rattles, hums, or buzzes. Physical evidence like rust or cracks around or in the system is also a good indication that your furnace needs to be replaced.

Conclusion On York Furnaces

York’s dedication to quality products is visible throughout its full range of high-efficiency furnaces. Their price points, 10-year warranty on parts, and limited lifetime heat exchanger make them an option for everyone who is looking for a high-quality furnace. If you would like to learn more I encourage you to read our “Are YORK Products Any Good?” blog where I cover more on this topic.

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