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Is Your New HVAC System NOT Meeting Your Expectations? 

Common Issues After HVAC Installation and Solutions

Your HVAC system should be your comfort companion—running quietly in the background, keeping your home cozy or cool as needed. So, what do you do when it falls short of your expectations? You likely spent a good amount of money and time getting it installed. Yet, you’re not getting the performance your installers promised. This comprehensive guide is here to help you understand why your HVAC system might be letting you down and how Hamel’s Air Conditioning and Heating can help make things right.

Why Proper Installation Matters

First and foremost, let’s emphasize how vital a correct installation is to the overall performance of your HVAC system. A wrong setup can lead to numerous issues—uneven temperatures, poor energy efficiency, and other problems that can make your life uncomfortable. Understanding the complexities of an HVAC installation can prepare you for making informed decisions. Click this link to find more information about why quality installation matters.

Hot and Cold Zones in Your Home

Hot and Cold Issues

Many factors contribute to uneven heating or cooling—commonly known as hot and cold zones. These could include incorrect zoning, insufficient or leaking ductwork, faulty thermostats, or poor insulation.

The Science Behind Home Comfort 

Zoning is more than just separating different areas of your home. It involves understanding the layout, insulation, and even factors like sun exposure. A well-designed duct system can distribute air evenly, leading to temperature consistency.

The Hamel’s Solution

We perform a multi-point diagnostic check to identify the root cause of these uneven temperatures. Our solutions range from recalibrating thermostats and redesigning ductwork for better air distribution to installing advanced zoning systems that cater to your home’s needs.

Low Airflow

Low Airflow Issues

Weak airflow can make even a high-end HVAC system seem ineffective. If your rooms are not reaching the desired temperature or taking too long, you may have an airflow issue.

The Science Behind Proper Airflow

Airflow problems often originate from duct leakage, blocked filters, or malfunctioning fans. The HVAC unit size also plays a critical role. An undersized or oversized system can prevent adequate airflow.

The Hamel’s Airflow Solution

We analyze your home’s unique airflow needs and inspect your existing ductwork for design flaws or leaks. Based on this, we offer customized solutions, including duct sealing, duct rerouting, or installing new, energy-efficient fans and filters.

Constant Running of the HVAC System

The Issue With Systems That Never Quit

Is your HVAC system running endlessly? That’s not just annoying; it’s also an energy drain.

The Science Behind Giving HVAC Systems A Break

An HVAC system that won’t turn off usually indicates improper sizing. However, lousy duct design, a misconfigured variable, or a two-stage system can also be culprits.

The Hamel’s Solution

A complete review of your system is the first step to diagnosing this issue. This involves assessing your home’s layout, insulation, windows, and other factors to determine the optimal system size. For those with variable or two-stage systems, reconfiguration may solve the problem.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

The Issue With High Cost Bills

A suboptimal HVAC system can inflate your energy bills considerably.

The Science Behind Saving Money

HVAC systems account for nearly 50% of a home’s energy consumption. A faulty design can waste 30-50% more energy, affecting your wallet.

The Hamel’s Efficiency Solution

Our team conducts a comprehensive energy audit, identifying areas of inefficiency within your HVAC system. We may recommend installing energy-efficient components or fine-tuning your existing setup to lower energy consumption.

The Hamel’s Promise

Having served San Diego since 1965, our reputation speaks volumes. We promise to diagnose and address the issues with your HVAC system, ensuring it meets the highest standards of efficiency and comfort.

Are You Ready For A Properly Installed System?

With Hamel’s Air Conditioning and Heating, you don’t have to settle for anything less than perfect regarding your home’s comfort. Contact us today to solve your HVAC issues and enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home year-round.

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