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San Diego’s Best HVAC & Furnace Repair Company Award of 2021 & 2022

At Hamel’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we are proud to announce our newest service award by Expertise. has recognized Hamel’s as 2021 & 2022’s Best HVAC & Furnace Repair Service in San Diego. There is no better feeling than providing the best customer service in the industry. Although, I must admit that getting recognized for such an accomplishment is a close second.

San Diego Votes Hamel’s Their Favorite 2021 Heating & Air Company

It’s been a fantastic few years thus for Hamel’s as we were also voted San Diego’s Favorite Heating & Air Company in the 2021 Union-Tribune Readers Poll. Please follow this link to learn why San Diego Voted Hamel’s, their favorite 2021 Heating and Air company.

Why is Hamels Air Conditioning & Heating San Diego’s Best HVAC Company

Today, I got asked how Hamel’s achieved such prestigious recognition in San Diego for our HVAC services in 2021 & 2022 . My answer is simple as it all comes down to people. People are the most important aspect of my business. I’ve also made sure each of my employees understands this. I’ve built our HVAC companies culture around people, families, and our employees. I have seen firsthand how other so-called top companies have done the opposite. Operations of this nature appall me.

An HVAC Company Focused On What’s Right For The Customer

As a family-owned business, I have an obligation to make the right decisions for each of our customers. They may or may not listen, but I can do my part by presenting their best options or their heating and air conditioning needs.. Sadly, I can’t help everyone as some people only want the lowest price. Others often insist that their job gets done the wrong way. I’m here to help, yet it’s impossible to be the cheapest in town and provide the same level of service I’d expect in my home. If you want things done the wrong way, please find another HVAC company to honor your requests.

As far as price goes, I guess the old saying of don’t race to the bottom applies. Running to the bottom ensures you can’t provide the quality each customer deserves. Unfortunately, some will never recognize this as a fact. Unfortunately for them, it will likely cost them far more in the long run and more downtime.


Avoid HVAC Online Estimates

One of the most ironic causes of the race to the bottom is the infamous online estimate. I struggle to understand why so many HVAC companies are happy to provide this disservice to their customers. In my professional opinion, if a company will give you a quote without ever seeing your home, you should run away. Fast! Why do I say this? It’s often a trap and used by many HVAC companies to get a new installation onto their schedule.

There are two outcomes in this situation, and each is as bad as the next. In the first, you’ll get a change order to “fix issues not addressed in your quote.” Unfortunately, this change order means a cost increase to get the job done. But, again, this cost never got factored into the HVAC estimate, and as the homeowner, you’ll be on the hook.

In the second, you’ll get an improperly installed system. Lousy system design can have disastrous effects on your system’s efficiency and reliability. These problems happen for one of two reasons. First, the installer either doesn’t know any better or they are too scared to ask for enough money to make it right. You can learn more at this link about why quality HVAC installation matters.

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A Custom HVAC System Built To Your Homes Design

You won’t get an online quote from us for this reason. Instead, we want to understand your home’s needs from the beginning and in full. This understanding allows us to build every aspect of your system to your home’s design. You’ll even get a list of part we plan to install. This list will allow you to understand our scope thoroughly so you can bring up any questions or concerns you may have. For example, a common issue is upsizing ducts, registers, or returns. Simple changes like this can assure that your HVAC system is built to your home’s needs.

You can’t factor design issues in when you provide an online estimate. Honestly, ask yourself how a company can stay competitive if you don’t know a problem exists? They can’t, but they rely upon these tactics to get through the door while appearing to be the cheapest. Deceptive practices like these from HVAC companies often trick unknowing homeowners into contracts and additional costs later. It’s a known issue in the HVAC industry often referred to as a bait and switch, and I believe often suspected by consumers. Well, the HVAC industry’s dirty little secret is out of the bag now.

Our HVAC Price Quotes Are What You Will Pay

I guess there are enough customers around that many of these companies will not only survive but thrive. If you want to learn more about avoiding these practices, I recommend reading one of our previous posts. The post is about How To Find The Best HVAC Company near you, and it expands on these issues from different angles. It’s highly insightful and will have you thinking in a different light about some companies you might feel inclined to trust. The other option is to call Hamel’s, where we never produce change orders. What you see on our HVAC quotes is what you will pay. 

Trust HVAC Companies That Focused On Quality

All of this brings us to an essential part of our answer, and that is trust. There is something to be said about any company that focuses on quality, and I’m not just speaking about my own. When you work with a company focused on quality, there is the confidence that work will get performed correctly. In most instances, this is true. However, we’re also just as human as you, and I’m happy to admit it. The difference is that if we make a mistake or things go wrong, we’ll be there to get your problem fix quickly.

In the end, everything we’ve discussed comes down to one thing. This one thing is people; it’s our customers, our employees, and all of our families. Here at Hamel’s, we understand that we’re just like you at the end of the day. As you’ve likely experienced, some of our days are more challenging than others. Others days may bring joy and some even sorrow. Each day has its own unique set of challenges.

Hire An HVAC Company Based On Their Strengths

Each person has their strengths and often many weaknesses and it can be the same with businesses. Some fix cars, others heal people, and we improve the comfort of your home. What gets each of us through these days is the people in our lives and their strengths. Each of us relies on others, and our team at Hamel’s is no different.

Hamel's voted san diego's favorite HVAC company in the 2021 union tribune readers poll

Trust What Others Have to Say About Hamel’s Air Conditioning & Heating

This is why San Diego, Expertise, and the Union-Tribune have recognized Hamel’s strengths as one of the Best HVAC companies in town. We’re the HVAC company you can rely on to fix your HVAC issues quickly and correctly. We won’t just fix your Heating and air correctly this time; we’ll repair it right every time. I’ve built our reputation on my family name, and I guarantee your results.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of your home again with the people you love. That is what’s essential, and that is why we openly welcome you to our Hamels family. As part of our family, you’ll never have to worry about whom you’ll call next time as our people will be there when you need us.

Are you interested in speaking with me about how I can solve your HVAC problems today? Call me now and decide for yourself if Hamel’s is the best HVAC company for you and your people. 

William Woesle
William Woesle
00:13 26 Apr 24
Bill Bengtson
Bill Bengtson
15:49 24 Apr 24
The entire team at Hamel"s was outstanding! They were very prompt in returning calls, answering any questions that I hadand informed me of their... daily work schedule. A big thank youto all of more
Barb Thiss
Barb Thiss
01:23 21 Apr 24
The Hamel’s Team did an awesome job installing my HVAC system. They were friendly and organized. They took time to explain what I was getting and... kept me up to date on progress. I have used them for service previously and they showed the same care and concern during routine service. I highly recommend the Hamel’s Team!read more
Katie Rholl
Katie Rholl
01:38 19 Apr 24
I didn't end up using this company but I felt the need to give them a 5 star review for being all around good guys. We need more good humans in the... world!read more
Carol Julian
Carol Julian
22:01 18 Apr 24
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