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Why Should You Replace An Old Floor Furnace?

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Why Replace An Old Floor Furnace

Floor furnaces have come a long way since their inception. These advances have made them more energy-efficient and safer through the years. But, unfortunately, many homeowners keep the older floor furnaces in their homes, posing significant safety hazards to their families. Others may not replace them because of concerns about the expense. In addition, many of these floor furnaces are out-of-date models that are inferior to today’s standards.

If you live in an older San Diego home, chances are you have a gas-fired floor furnace. These floor furnaces are something that you should consider replacing with a newer and safer model. Other new options may also be available to you, like ductless mini-splits. These efficient options may better fit your family and home while also increasing safety.

What Are Floor Furnaces?

As the name depicts, a floor furnace sits in the floor and is often found in older homes where ductwork is difficult or impossible to install. Often they don’t have blower fans and instead let convection carry the heat through the house. Many years ago, in San Diego, floor heaters like this got installed in homes for convenience. Heat dispersal wasn’t a significant concern because of the mild weather in southern California. Today, homeowner comfort and safety and electric bills are often affected by these systems, so replacing them has become more critical.

Why Should A Floor Furnace Be Replaced?

Floor furnaces are inefficient, and in homes, the issue is magnified without good insulation. As a result, the heat distribution is spotty, and areas close to the heater often become too hot. This spotty heat, in turn, leaves other rooms too cold for comfort. In addition, the furnaces take up extra space that makes this area unusable in most instances.

New Floor Heater Replacement Options

You may wonder what options you have to replace a floor furnace within an older home that lacks ductwork. A new opportunity to consider is a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system. A ductless system offers many benefits for heating in San Diego can be installed quickly while offering added energy efficiency and safety. A Mini-Split will also cool your home as well.

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