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How Attic Fans Help An AC Cool Your Home

For homeowners reducing energy bills and keeping energy rates reasonable is a priority. Winter and harsh summer temperatures can keep the energy bills of a home more expensive. The summer months can be difficult in high heat-prone areas such as San Diego’s East County area. There are many methods homeowners can use to help maintain a cool home. One popular method is the use of attic fans. There has been some speculation about an attic fan’s true efficiency. Do they actually provide any savings from energy bills? Of more importance, will they help save your home from the heat? Today we will explore: How can an attic fan help your AC unit cool your home.

What Is An Attic Fan and Why You Should Install One?

An attic fan is a fan that removes excess heat from a home’s attic and can be automated or controlled by a switch.  These fans can help your home stay cooler through ventilation and increased efficiency.  This increased efficiency can help prolong your air conditioning unit and prevent HVAC repairs from overuse.  Most importantly an attic fan will assure your home’s temperature is more comfortable and easier to maintain.

Automate Your Savings With Thermostats and Attic Fans

Thermostats used with attic fans can help automate how the attic fan helps your AC unit cool your home. This thermostat signals to the attic fan when it needs to turn on. If your attic reaches 105° or higher, a thermostat can be set to vent out your attic at that preset temperature. When the attic fan receives the signal it turns on and will begin to remove the warm air from the attic. Without this warm air in the attic, the AC can continue to cool the home efficiently. 

Thermostats and Attic Fans Increase Efficiency

Without a thermostat and attic fan, the AC unit would continue to cool the home.  The problem here is it will have a harder time keeping up with the temperature fluctuations. For example, with an attic fan and thermostat, an AC unit can keep the home 75°. Without an attic fan and thermostat, an air conditioning unit will need to work overtime.  Even with the extra effort and energy consumption, it may never reach 75°.  This is why automating your attic fans can be so beneficial for San Diego Homeowners.

Ventilation Helps to Cool Your Home

An attic fan helps your AC unit through the use of ventilation. Ventilating the attic area will keep the area much cooler. Attics temperatures can reach 130° and higher on hot days.  Having this warm air in the attic will cause the inside of your home to cool through what is known as conduction. In other words, the cool air in your home will touch the ceiling that is warmer due to the heat in the attic. This heat is then transferred into your home. This will cause the AC unit to work overtime. Working harder also causes extra strain on the air conditioning unit. In turn, you will see an increase in energy bills and a higher temperature within your home.

With proper ventilation, an attic fan will remove the hot air at cheaper rates. Thermostats are the best way for attic fans to work. They help to insulate the attic area and keep the AC unit cooling your home properly.

How Are Attic Fans Controlled?

There are other ways for the attic fan to work as well. For example, there may be a switch that will flip on the attic fan as the homeowner desires. In other examples, attic fans may be set to a timer to turn on at certain times of the day. For San Diego homeowners looking for greater savings, an attic fan can be set to a solar switch. There are several attic fans on the market that can help keep the AC units running efficiently. Choosing the right fan can help keep your home cool while you reap the rewards of a more efficient home.

Are Whole House Fans The Same As An Attic Fan?

In short, a whole house fan does not work in the same way as an attic fan. A whole-house fan is designed to pull air in through open windows and doors. This air is then exhausted through the attic space and into the great outdoors. Some can exchange all the air in your home in under an hour.  An attic fan focuses on only removing heat from your attic.

Whole-home fans were the cooling method of choice before air conditioning became affordable. They work well in climates that have lower humidity levels and lower nighttime temps.  For homeowners without pets or family members in the home during the day they can be an ideal solution.  This is because they can cool an entire home fast without the need to run the A/C throughout the day.

Which Type of Fan Is Right For My Home?

Do you have questions about which of these fans may be right for you?  If so, contact Hamel’s Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. today and we can design a system that is right for you. 619-456-1488

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