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HVAC For San Diego Property Management

As a property manager, it’s common sense to know you must ensure your tenants are happy. When a tenant’s HVAC system is not working, you can’t afford delays. Your tenants will want the issues fixed quickly. HVAC issues are one of many tasks you have to deal with daily as the property manager. Partnering with a reputable, licensed HVAC company like Hamel’s will save you lots of headaches. In addition, Hamel’s can handle your tenant’s heating and cooling needs taking work off your schedule.

There is much to consider when you pick an HVAC partner. From a management perspective, the most important thing is their knowledge and experience. For example, it might seem less daunting to focus on whether they can perform the HVAC repairs you need. In time tho these repair costs ad up quickly. If this is the case, it may be time to consider a replacement of their systems. Having a knowledgeable team will pay off when it comes to advising you on new installations.

HVAC Thermostat in unit managed by property manager in san diego caSeasonal HVAC Considerations For Property Managers

As a company that routinely handles large-scale HVAC issues for property managers, I suggest you consider the following advice.

The winter in San Diego is the best time to get your HVAC needs in order. The favorable weather means fewer complaints from your tenants while you resolve repairs. It also gives you the best window for HVAC installation in San Diego. New installations will also put an end to most HVAC issues for years to come. Removing these issues can save you thousands each year on HVAC repair costs. In addition, these installations can come with a warranty that can extend for ten years or more. Can you imagine how much you will save on repairs alone and the headaches you’ll stop?

Commercial grade HVAC systems by York HVAC for Large scale commercial operations like property management in san diegoWhy Property Management Should Partner With Hamel’s

When you partner with Hamel’s, we will assess your San Diego property’s HVAC needs. Our focus is on quality and ensuring your interests are a priority. We’ll repair your systems quickly to assure your tenants are happy. We will determine the best strategy for your business and unique tenants’ needs if it is time for a replacement. 

Our services and knowledge will save you time and money. So is it time to let Hamels do the work for you?

Our family Has serviced San Diego’s HVAC needs for over 50 years. This knowledge has been passed down through 4 generations of our family. Our business’s built on our family name shows we’re committed to the highest of standards. Quality is not a choice at Hamel’s; it’s our passion and an expectation.

That expectation assures your tenants will be comfortable when they want to be. Our passion ensures we’re here when you need us to be. I’ve staked my family’s name on the quality of our service, and I guarantee everything we do. 

I don’t expect you to take my word for this as anyone who can write well can put these words down on paper. But, you can see the results for yourself because, in 2021, we have stacked many achievements. For example, has recognized us as the best HVAC & furnace repair company in San Diego for 2021. While that does say a bunch in and of itself, I’m far more proud of the following. San Diego voted Hamel’s their favorite HVAC company in the 2021 Union-Tribune SD Best Readers poll. If you are ready to work with Hamel’s please give us a call at (619)-456-1488

Commercial grade HVAC systems by York HVAC for Large scale commercial operations like property management in san diego

HVAC Guide For San Diego Property Management 

Please read the following guide for assistance with HVAC terms, systems, and best practices to assist you in navigating your property management’s HVAC needs.

HVAC Systems Options For Rental Properties

Repairing or replacing a rental property’s HVAC systems can often be a significant amount of your maintenance costs. Also, any decision about your systems can affect cash flow. This consequence makes it essential to choose an efficient, cost-effective solution. In this property manager’s guide, we will go over some of your options. You can learn more about these issues in our blog post How To Breathe Easy With Air Purification

Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating issues are a top priority for property managers. Many say it is the Number one issue they have to address. But, unfortunately, this issue is often the one that leads to the most tenant complaints and headaches.

4 Reasons HVAC Should Be At The Top Of Your Management’s Maintenance List

Tenants react quickly to the lack of heating, cooling. For this reason, it makes sense to stay ahead of this issue to avoid tenant complaints.

Health & Legal Obligations of Property Managers

In California, our laws say rental properties must have proper ventilation and heating. The law says the property owners and managers are in charge of this responsibility. This is because a rental that is adequately ventilated pushes debris outside. This debris can include moisture, dust mites, odors, mold, hazardous gases, and other pollutants. 

Removing them keeps them from becoming an indoor hazard. However, these pollutants can cause severe breathing problems and infections. In the worst of situations, pollutants can cause death to those who are exposed. 

Providing controlled indoor heating is also mandated by the law. Therefore, landlords have an obligation to ensure that tenants can heat their space as needed.

HVAC Bills & Operating Costs

HVAC units that are not maintained will suffer more wear and tear. Worn systems are strained, and their performance is then reduced. In addition, these systems need more energy to run and increase operating costs. Often this is because their output is not meeting tenant expectations.

Investing in more efficient systems and regular maintenance will pay dividends over time

Protecting Your HVAC Investment

HVAC systems are not cheap, and installation adds to this cost. However, proper maintenance will help ensure they run correctly for a greater length of time. These units can easily last more than a decade when properly maintained.

Avoid HVAC Maintenance Emergencies

HVAC systems that have not been maintained strain which can cause extra wear. This wear over time can cause your heating and air system to be more prone to breakage. This increases the likelihood they will stop working, and that can lead to tenant issues. Stressful maintenance emergencies like these can quickly become costly.

7 Best Practices For HVAC Maintenance

The following Seven tips outline best practices for HVAC systems. Using them and good judgment will help to keep them in optimal working condition. 

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

  • HVAC Manufacturers and professionals are vocal about the importance of scheduling maintenance. Someone should check air conditioners in the springtime before use begins. Likewise, someone should check heaters in the fall. For property managers, there should be no exception to this as the liability falls on you. This allows your HVAC professional to determine if it is running as well. They may suggest ways for improving efficiency and warn you about potential issues. Studies show that maintenance could have avoided 94% of HVAC emergencies. 

Trust Your Instincts

  • Do you hear noises or feeling funny vibrations? Maybe it is your tenant telling you these things. If anyone can notice that something does not feel right, it probably is not. Take these situations seriously, and you will gain time and save money. Investigate the problem to find out if the heating is slow or uneven? Is the system is louder than usual? Are air flows weak or have smells and weird odors? If these things are happening, it’s best to call a professional. They will be able to determine if there is an issue that an HVAC tech should correct.

Check Vents

  • It’s important to remind tenants that they should not block visible indoor vents. It’s common for tenants to block vents with furniture or other items. They should be cleaned and dusted to prevent buildups often. 

Outside Units

  • Trees and shrubs should not obstruct outdoor units. It’s essential to check and ensure dirt, leaves, and debris aren’t restricting airflow. We suggest seeking advice from a professional HVAC company on how to perform safe and effective cleanings. These can often be performed without needing to hire added help.

Ductwork Inspections

  • Property with ductwork should be regularly inspected by a professional. Over time, ducts can become dirty and clogged by dust and debris. They can contain dust, mites, and even mold. Leaks can cause airflow issues that will need to be sealed or replaced ensure efficiency. 

Replace Air Filters

  • Air filters usually need to be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on use. an employee should perform a visual Check monthly and remove debris. If any clogs are noticed, someone should replace the filter. Households with pets will need more frequent service. Air filters contribute to air quality and safety. They filter out impurities and pollutants, increasing the air quality. Switching old filters with new ones will ensure proper airflow. This airflow will help to ensure the efficiency of your HVAC system. A system with airflow restrictions can be as much as 50% less efficient.

Most HVAC repairs are caused by poor or lacking maintenance. Our expert HVAC technicians encourage you to invest in regular checkups. This maintenance will keep your HVAC systems running smoothly for as long as possible.

HVAC System Advantages & Disadvantages For Property Managers

Packaged Unit Advantages

Packaged units contain everything in a single unit that they need to operate. This simplicity has advantages.

  • Units can save precious interior space.
  • Maintenance is easy and often streamlined.
  • Installation can often be more straightforward.
  • Efficiency can result in lower utility bills.
  • Reliable and usually more versatile.
  • Heats and cools large Spaces

Package Unit Disadvantages

  • Exposed to harsh weather
  • Rooftop access may be difficult when installed there.
  • Possible exposure to animals 

Split Air Conditioner Advantages

Split air conditioners are the traditional option of which people are most familiar. They consist of an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit. Split systems are more challenging to install for this reason. However, the air handler circulates heated air as well, which simplifies the process. They have many advantages.

  • energy-efficient
  • operation is quiet in most instances
  • The compressor is easily accessed for maintenance in most instances.

Split Air Conditioner Disadvantages

  • The cost of installation can be more expensive.
  • Ductwork options can limit the system.
  • Filter maintenance often requires access to the home.


Furnaces Advantages

Furnaces are the conventional choice to ensure comfortable temperatures in the winter. 

A furnace’s advantages are

  • Electric furnaces are inexpensive to install 
  • It can have a long lifespan if electric.
  • A reliable heat source
  • Can require less maintenance

Furnace Disadvantages

  • They can cause fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Requires a fuel source
  • It can cost more to operate.

Heat Pump Advantages

Heat pumps can provide electric heating in winter and cooling in the summer. Heat pumps move heat and do not use a fuel source. For this reason, Heat pumps are energy-efficient, and tenants often love them. 

  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling
  • Safer than other heating options
  • Long life span
  • Reduced emissions

Heat Pump Disadvantages

  • Can have high upfront costs
  • It can be challenging to install
  • It does not supply enough heat in colder climates.

Boiler Advantages

If your rental property is old, it may make use of boilers. Often heat is supplied with baseboard heating or radiators. Unfortunately, this solution usually leaves your tenants with no air conditioning. This drawback can often hurt your rental profits and ability to fill vacancies. 

  • Clean heating with no dust pollution
  • It can be very energy efficient.
  • Less heat loss 

Boiler Disadvantages 

  • No cooling ability
  • It can be expensive to install
  • Repair parts can be expensive.

Ductless Mini-Split Advantages

Ductless mini-splits work like miniature heat pumps and can provide heating and cooling. They can use multiple wall-mounted air handlers and connect to a single outdoor condensing unit. It is a cost-effective solution that avoids installing ductwork. It will also provide year-round comfort to your tenants.

Mini-split advantages

  • Zone cooling options
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced noise
  • Ductwork not needed
  • Ease of installation

Mini-split Disadvantages

  • It can be more expensive to install
  • Requires proper placement in the room
  • Bulky, and some people dislike their aesthetics.

HVAC Maintenance Requirements for Property Managers

Proper HVAC maintenance can offer substantial long-term savings when maintenance plans get followed. Making yearly HVAC maintenance a priority for your rental units should be a top priority. This attention will help to eliminate headaches and expensive repairs. If your units are new, this will also ensure your warranty does not end up voided by ignoring maintenance.

Routine maintenance means fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan. Maintenance services will also lower the operating costs for your tenants. As a result, your tenant’s electric bills will be more reasonable and help to ensure they are happy.

Property Management Property Acquisition Issues

Are you acquiring a new property? If so, you should inspect the HVAC systems as they are often your highest costs. This inspection can save you unforeseen headaches and help you get ahead of them early. If you need help with this, Hamels will be happy to help you protect your company and understand the risks.

Centralized HVAC 

Large multi-family properties in San Diego County often have centralized heating and cooling. With centralized systems, the temperature in every unit gets controlled from a central location. These systems can be more energy-efficient, but some renters may loath not having control.

Decentralized HVAC

In a decentralized system, each unit has its own equipment and thermostat. Tenants will likely enjoy a decentralized system more as it gives them control. But, giving tenants control also mean energy consumption could increase. You can fix this issue by making the tenants paying their energy bills.

Uneven Heating & Cooling

Often an equipment malfunction can cause uneven heating or cooling, but it’s not the only possibility. For example, Was the building renovated without upgrades to the HVAC system? If so, this could also be a cause. In other instances, it may be a faulty design from the beginning. 

Poor Maintenance

Often property management handypersons have been in charge of preventive HVAC maintenance. In these cases, the quality may be poor or ignored in other instances. Hiring an HVAC contractor to take on the maintenance responsibilities will save money. In addition, this partnership will eliminate most headaches when the system’s maintained correctly.

Summary For HVAC Property Managers

 (HVAC) systems work to provide safe air quality and comfortable temperatures. 

For property managers, ensuring your HVAC systems are working correctly must be a priority. Failing to check and upkeep HVAC systems will lead to costly maintenance emergencies. In turn, you will have to deal with uncomfortable, angry tenants. Tenants can bring legal action if the management has allowed issues to persist. We’re here to alleviate these issues so contact Hamel’s today!

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